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Stones In My Pathway is the work of award winning Tennessean photographer Bill Steber. An excellent portfolio eloquently depicting various aspects of life on the Delta.  His accompanying articles give his images an added sense of life and relevance.
Recent work from the portfolio of Dr. Marvin Haire. 
A photographic documentation of the Spring '06 Blues and Abstract Truth program by Ed Silvera.
See more photography by Ed Silvera at:
Our video section is currently hosted by Youtube.   Many of the clips are  from a 90 minute documentary Blues and Abstract Truths.  Other clips are being added to enhance our exploration of The Delta and related themes.
Ms. Rowe's photographic images capture the Delta in a way that digs deep into your soul on many levels. In her words..."the Delta holds a large part of my heart and is where I consider my true home."  She also has many other exquisite photographs on her site.
John presents us with exquisite color performance photographs from the Delta and blues festivals around the country. Featured are some recognizable greats and some less recognized GREATS!
Ernest Gregory            (view)

   A resident photographer for Jazz At Lincoln Center in New York, EG has captured timeless images     of jazz performers and events around the United States and Europe. Classic stuff here.